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Daisuke Harashima is a PhD student in Arts and Sciences at University of Tokyo.
—information philosophy, media studies, cultural theory
BA, Philosophy, Kyoto University
MA, University of Tokyo

His research interests are information theories (from cybernetics and a mathematical theory or formal logic of communication, to second-order cybernetics, autopoiesis, transcendental empiricism, radical constructivism, fundamental informatics, neocybernetics, etc.) and media arts (focusing on the way they work out paradoxical ambiguities of freedoms and constraints, and self-producing sensors for singularities in present technological environment; collective activities; glitches and vibrations as sensuous continuums; verbal and virtual communications; ethico-aesthetic ecologies; improvisational morals of artificial and embodied intelligences; informal informations of insufficient reason and included middle). 

Among his publications are "Prediction and Production: Technological Singularity and Living Singularity." in Gendai-Shiso (The Contemporary Thought)[Japanese] and "Close-and-Open: A Neocybernetic Approach to the Living System Condition in the Information Technological Environment." Journal of Information and Media Studies[Japanese].

He also plays as a dj, vj or programmer/operator for media live performances. His recent work includes a video projection for a reenaction of Bernd Alois Zimmermann's "Requiem für einen jungen Dichter" at Suntory Hall (Tokyo), and video projections and stage settings for live performances of scscs (Nagoya and Tokyo) and number0 (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya).

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[into Japanese]
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